Geranamine is mostly used as a pre-workout supplement by bodybuilders. However, it is also increasingly used by partygoers, for its stimulating effects. The fact that it is legal in most countries is a contributing factor to this increased popularity.

Use – Bodybuilding/weight loss

DMAA is widely used by bodybuilders because of its stimulating effects. Much like pure adrenaline, it is said to induce the fight or flight reaction. Its popularity strongly increased after the ban on ephedra in the US, in 2006. Geranamine is also included in many dietary supplements around the world, often using different synonyms. As of now, there is no proven scientific research linking geranamine with weight loss.

The use as a pre-workout/weight loss supplement became popular with the introduction of ErgoLean’s AMP. Nowadays there are countless products available that contain geranamine. Also see

Use – Recreational drug

Since 2008, DMAA is an emerging active ingredient of party pills, powders and other ‘legal highs’. Manufacturers in New-Zealand started using it as an alternative to BZP, a substance which was made illegal in 2008. It is often mixed with caffeine, to potentiate its effects.

Several online reports indicate that DMAA appears to be used more and more by students as a nootropic. Some find that at lower doses, it can improve concentration and memory.

Dosage / Routes of administration

In powder form, DMAA (geranamine) is most often ingested orally, or it is snorted. When taken orally, capsules can be filled with a weighed out amount of powder, or the powder is put into a tiny piece of rolling paper (‘bombing’) before ingestion.

Some user reports indicate that insufflated DMAA produces a jittery, ‘over-caffeinated’ feeling. It can be painful to the nose. Insufflation requires a lower dosage than an oral dose.

Oral DMAA dosages

Threshold 10 mg
Light 10 – 20 mg
Common 20 – 75 mg
Strong 75 – 150 mg
Heavy 150 – 250 mg

The effects last between 1 – 3 hours, depending on the individual and route of administration.

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