Below are a number of geranamine / DMAA user experiences as found on various online message boards.

Experience #1 (from Drugs-Forum)

Setting: Bedroom
Dosage: ~40mg (insufflation)

SWIM decided that he would broaden his horizons, so to speak. SWIM ordered 1g of ‘pure’ DMAA/Geranamine over the internet. The package arrived, and the same day decided to test it out. SWIM told me that DMAA smells very strong, of a smell vaguely associated with a mix of burnt plastic and geraniums.

SWIM cut up two small lines, of approximately 75mg each. SWIM began to insufflate one of the lines through the left nostril. The burning sensation was incredible, but only lasted around a minute. SWIM could only take just over half the first line, however (approximately 40mg).

SWIM returned the remaining DMAA to the sealable bag. SWIM’s vision blurred in his left eye (the same side of insufflation), although not worryingly. SWIM could smell the DMAA in his nose, and told me it was very unpleasant. The ‘drip back’ commenced almost immediately, and left a horrible taste in SWIM’s mouth and could feel a mild burning sensation (although nothing too bad) in his throat.

T+20mins, SWIM felt a great mood uplift, and this continued to built for another 20 minutes, until SWIM felt very stimulated. An up, similar to that of caffeine, but without the euphoria, and a little more stimulated. SWIM plateued for approximately 20 minutes, before slowly coming down over the next two hours. After the effects were fully over, SWIM did not feel tired or any other noticable side effects. However, SWIM felt that the horrible taste and immediate burning sensation, made insufflation an unpleasent route of administration, so will try oral capsules of 100mg and 125mg, and will report back with his findings.

Experience #2 (from Drugs-Forum)

Dosage: 12 mg in one glass juice
Route: Orally
Duration: 2 hours

• body weight & height: 175cm, 90kg
• gender: male
• dose taken: 25-75mg
• route of administration: various
• Setting: in what environment it was taken: various

Mookie enjoys one or two DMAA capsules with his large mug of morning coffee. This makes him cheery and puts some spring in his step – and who doesn’t want a cheery pit bull? Mookie has sampled DMAA on its own but prefers it as part of a caffeine cocktail.

Mookie has found that caution is required when dosing. 50mg is a nice bit of stimulation and a mood lift: 100mg can lead to stomach-churning nervousness and gurning, along with profuse sweating and tremors. This is a drug which works very well as a mild stimulant and pick-me-up. If you’re looking for the legal version of crystal meth, you should look elsewhere. As other pit bulls have noted, the peripheral effects will start to kick in long before you get your dopamine rush – and Mookie suspects a DMAA overdose would be seriously harsh.

Mookie didn’t notice much in the way of comedown when using moderate amounts. He suspects that once you get outside the 25-75mg comfort zone there could be a nasty crash.

Experience #3 (from Drugs-Forum)

SWIM said to me that he wants to share his own experience with 1,3-dimethylamylamine and he SWEARS that its true and no b-s.

A week ago SWIM got his order of 5g PURE 1,3-dimethylamylamine and the experience was as follows:

He tried firstly an oral dose of 30mg and after about an hour he felt “something” like stimulation, some nervousness and a stressfull feeling.. but absolutely no euphoria. After another one hour a high feeling of anxiety started to develop and accompanied SWIM for many hours during the day~!
The experience was non-suggestible to anyone who is searching for stimulation… but only for someone who likes the feeling of… anxiety and nervousness.

The next day SWIM thought to try 50mg oral (SWIM was really curious to feel the “euphoria” that many guys said the felt)
After about an hour he started to feel a “buzz” but not anything like pleasant euphoria… accompanied again with A LOT OF anxiety, nervousness and an INSANE heartbeat. There was some stimulation but anxiety was MUCH stronger and killed all the pleasant effect of the mild stimulation.

SWIM will never try this shit again and says that 200mg of Caffeine gave him WAY more stimulation which was way more friendly to him.

SWIM forgot to mention the SWEATING…

There was a lot sweating in both doses but in 50mg dose the sweating was extreme.

Experience #4 (from Drugs-Forum)

Dosage: 25 mg in capsule
Route: Orally
Duration: 3-5 hours
• body weight & height: 155 lbs, 5’10”
• Male
• Setting: Home followed by gym
• Tummy contents: Turkey sandwich & protein shake consumed approx. 1 hr. prior to ingestion
• main effects: Subtle stimulation
• side effects: Rise in body temperature, vasoconstriction
• after effects: None observed
• rating of the experience: Great alternative for amphetamine-like stimulation
• addictive qualities / abuse potential: Little cravings, but aids in productivity

25 mg capsule ingested while performing mundane household chores. Beginnings of effects were observed after about 10 minutes, though the chimp typically feels effects more rapidly than peers. While the compound has been characterized as a putative norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and releasing agent, he was surprised at the calm and subtle stimulation observed from the compound; the chimp is typically quite noradrenergic-averse, and tends to observe stress and agitation from stimulants with even minor noradrenergic activity.

20-25 min. subsequent to ingestion, the chimp arrived at his chimp-gym. Consistency in strength was observed, with little to no fatigue preventing optimal exertion. He wasn’t jittery, nor felt the typical sensations of urgency accompanying the vast majority of stimulants he’s been exposed to – from various amphetamines to caffeine. He calmly transitioned from set to set, walking slowly from area to area.

After about an hour in the chimp-gym (approx. 1hr 20 min. post-ingestion), and briefly stopping at the grocery store, the chimp ravenously gobbled down a fairly large-sized meal. Surprisingly, little to no anorexic side-effects inhibited his appetite.

Experience #5 (from Legal Highs Forum)

Empty stomach aside from some powerade.
Total dose: 200mgs (2x 100mg gelcaps)

T=00min: 100mg oral.
T=30min: Notice first effects, feeling light and relaxed, everything is slowing down, almost sedating.
T=45: Over initial come-up, some music appreciation but feeling too relaxed-out/uncoordinated to dance. Feels good.
T=1hr30min: 100mg oral. Ate a muesli bar.
T=1hr45min: Second come-up not as strong as the 1st, but feeling more energetic and pushy with music now. Exercise feels great, body tingles, mind is crystal clear but have difficulty sticking to any task, easily distracted. Music appreciation is growing, notice a little teeth-grinding. Body-high feels great, kinda waiting for the mind-high which never arrives.
T=3hr: The ride is pretty much over, residual feeling of wellbeing, some drymouth but is nothing sipping on the powerade can’t fix.
T=4hrs: No “crash” or negative comedown, feeling tired and mellowed-out. Had a short phase of feeling mentally scattered but otherwise fine.

Overall Pandy is impressed with how clean the experience was. Can see the benefits for exercise too, especially with weights; push more and push harder for longer. Pandy hasn’t noticed any peripheral junk either – gastro has been OK, BP/HR at resting increased insignificantly.

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