There are many different commercial products available that contain geranamine. This ingredient is often listed under different names, such as ‘Pelargonium graveolens (extract)’, geranium extract, geranium oil, 1,3-dimethylamylamine, or DMAA.

Bodybuilding supplements

Ergolean Amp 2
IBE X-Force
Jack3d (USP Labs)
Fusion Geranamine
Crack (Revolutions)
Black Cats (Applied Nutriceuticals)
Nutrimax Burner
MUSCLESPEED (Accelerative Nutraceuticals)
Core Zap

Legal Highs

Diablo Strong as Hell
Till Dawn (Happy Caps)
Euphor-E (Happy Caps)
Dance-E (Happy Caps)
Bliss Bomb
Dr. Feelgood
Fast Lane
Pure Go-E Party Pills
Pure Bliss Party Pills
Pure XS Party Pills
Redd Hearts
Phat Freddy’s Tripsta
Exotix Super
Diablo XXX
Vegas Nights


As the popularity increased, more and more countries have banned the substances altogether or prohibited the sale of DMAA-containing products. It was removed from the UK market in August 2012. The ban came after a warning in July 2012, when the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) advised sport, health stores and Irish-based companies to halt sales of food supplements or products containing DMAA and told consumers not to purchase DMAA supplements.

A similar decision was made in The Netherlands, where DMAA-containing products were previously readily available in both online and brick and mortar smartshops. Early 2013, the Food Safety Authority decided that supplements containing dosages of should be categorized under the Drug and Medicine act. Most shops have since seized the sales of geranamine-containing products.

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    ,You should try out the Gamma Labs pre-training fourmla. It is by far my favorite pre-workout, and gives such a natural pump. My two favorite things about it are that it DOES NOT contain geranium stem in it like Jack3d does. Which is a great thing because geranium stem actually inhibits blood flow, and with a pre-workout supplement, that pretty much defeats the whole purpose. With a pre-workout you want to INCREASE your blood flow, vassal constrictors are no good! Second favorite thing about it is that it taste absolutely amazing and mixes so easily. By far the best tasting supplement on the market in my opinion. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 5 months ago

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